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Glass or Acrylic for Your Custom Aquarium?

Are you trying to decide between a glass or acrylic custom aquarium? We’d like to share some information about both types.

Glass Aquariums

  • If the tank is under 100 gallons, glass can be less expensive than acrylic. Keep in mind that when you exceed this size, the cost will shoot up. This is due to the thickness of glass and possible freight/handling fees.
  • Because glass is a lot heavier than acrylic (7 times heavier!), installation and subsequent moving can be a lot more difficult.
  • Glass can break. A fallen rock inside the tank or a child banging it with something hard could cause some glass to break.
  • Glass has a slight tint to it (a faint green hue), but this color does not yellow like clear acrylic can after time.

Acrylic Aquariums

  • Acrylic is completely clear and has no color, however it is more easily scratched. Aquarium maintenance must be performed very carefully, especially when scrubbing algae.
  • Acrylic is a lot stronger than glass and more flexible. It also has no seams, and is more easily drilled into.
  • Acrylic retains temperature better as an insulator, which can be good for warm water tropical aquaria. However, it could be a problem for more delicate reef life.

Both glass and acrylic are equally capable materials with which to build your custom aquarium. Still undecided? Call Diamond Aquatics at 973-356-4434 and we will be happy to give you a consultation on the right choice for your fish tank!