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How to Keep Your Custom Aquarium Cool

No matter what part of the country you live in, you’ve probably been feeling those high summer temps lately.  As a human, you are able to hop into the pool, ocean, or lake and then scoot into an air conditioned space to keep cool. But how can your pets cope, especially your aquatic ones?

When hot weather strikes, it can be problematic to keep the water comfortable for the fish in your custom aquarium. A rise in water temperature requires more oxygen for the fish, since their own metabolism also rises. This can directly affect the overall health of your fish.  How can it be remedied?

We recommend installing a chiller on your aquarium; usually a must-have for reef aquariums. A chiller will lower temperature by removing heat from the water, as opposed to creating cold. You set the temperature and can control it with a thermostat.

There are two chiller styles to consider: in-line or drop-in. An in-line chiller uses internal heat exchange, relying on water pumps to transport water to the heat exchange and carry it back to the main system already cooled. A drop-in chiller has an external heat exchange. A probe is put into the sump area of the filter and contacts the aquarium water, with a return pump which ensures temp control.

Which chiller is right for you? Give Diamond Aquatics a call at 973-356-4434 and we’d be happy to help you figure it out. Remember, just because your fish are already swimming around in the water, doesn’t mean that they don’t need to keep cool too!