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Ideas About Custom Aquarium Lighting

Sunlight is a big asset to any home or office environment space, so why not use natural daylight to light your custom aquarium? After all, the sun is good enough to support aquatic life in oceans and reefs, right?  Well, your custom fish tank is a very different environment than in the wild, so consider your lighting carefully. Natural daylight can only work if you have an excellent cooling system, and don’t care to view your display at night (which is no fun)! Because chillers for your tank can get expensive, and looking at a tank all lit up in the dark is pretty darn cool, we recommend you always turn to artificial lighting for your custom aquarium.

There are a few types of lighting that you can consider:

  • Fluorescent Light
  • Metal Halide (MH) and Hydrargyrum Quartz Iodide (HQI) Lighting
  • LED Lights

The most commonly used lighting in aquarium design is fluorescent. They are the most cost-effective and release lower levels of heat. But any of the three options could be the right kind for your tank.  Whatever you choose, set your lights on a timer. You can set these up to come on at night, or even mimic phases of the moon … just make sure to keep it consistent on a daily basis.

Lighting is very important for your custom aquarium. Treat it as an investment.  We can help you choose the right kind. Call Diamond Aquatics today to get started!