Aquarium Maintenance

Marine Aquarium Maintenance

Maintaining a marine custom aquarium is a science and having the right equipment is essential to the task of aquarium maintenance. This is the reason for a majority of the failures that occur for hobbyists attempting their first marine setup. Marine fish are generally more sensitive to change than freshwater fish and can be quite expensive. The proper equipment may be more expensive as well but you can consider the expense a means of protecting your investment in the animals. Marine aquariums can be set up in two ways: with live corals or without them. An aquarium with live corals is referred to as a reef aquarium and without is called a marine “fish-only” setup.

We’ll go into more detail over the next few posts about fish-only marine aquarium setups and reef aquarium setups, so stay tuned.  In the mean time, if you have any questions about your aquarium or how to best maintain it, contact us at 973-356-4434. Diamond Aquatics is here to help you design and construct the perfect aquarium for your needs.