Custom Aquarium Design

Spotlight on a Large Fish Only with Live Rock Aquarium

At a whopping 900-gallons, this Fish Only with Live Rock (FOWLR) custom aquarium in New Jersey is definitely the center of attention in the great room of this home. It is also a fine example of Diamond Aquatics' systems design expertise.

Included in the filter room are a 125-gallon refugium, 100-gallon primary sump, and a 300-gallon secondary sump. Two main pumps alternate day and night to create low flow during the night and high flow during the day. The tank was lifted into place with a pallet jack and foam blocks. Blocks were added progressively until the tank was above the stand, and then the tank was rolled into place using pipes as rollers.

Looking for a similar, custom fish tank installation for your home or business? Or perhaps another option which will fit perfectly in your space? Diamond Aquatics will provide you with a free consultation.