Custom Aquarium Design

Spotlight on a Recessed Nook Aquarium

This standard 120-gallon, reef-ready custom aquarium was squeezed into a custom-built area so it would be viewable from three sides. Because the aquarium is located in the recreational area of the home, the owners were concerned about noise from the aquarium filter system interfering with their surround sound system. For this reason, Diamond Aquatics utilized a small area in the garage space directly behind the aquarium to place the filter system instead of putting it inside the cabinet.

Other benefits of placing the filter system remotely include increased storage space under the tank for accessories such as test kits, food, nets and salt. In addition, the cool air in the garage helps keep the aquarium cool during the winter months thus preventing the chiller from running and saving electricity (and money!). In the summer, the hot exhaust air from the chiller does not blow into the living space which would then impose greater demand on the home climate control system.

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