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Aquarium Maintenance: Mechanical Filtration

It’s important to remember that proper aquarium maintenance is a crucial part of your aquatic pets’ health, and will help save you money over time by reducing the number of animals you will purchase.

Just like cats and dogs need to be bathed and kept after, all aquariums require regular maintenance. This fact eludes most people who have never had an aquarium before. It’s called maintenance, and not simply cleaning, because you are not just making it look nice, you are actually removing potential harmful compounds! For some hobbyists, this aquarium maintenance process is an enjoyable, stress-relieving aspect of the hobby. For those who would rather not take on the chore, yet still want to have an aquarium, Diamond Aquatics provides maintenance services to fit the needs of your custom aquarium.

A good filtration system is an important part of aquarium service. Many people purchase inadequate filters for their first aquarium and eventually have to purchase a more advanced filter later. Avoid this expense by researching before you buy. Understanding how aquarium filters actually work will help you make the right purchase the first time and also help you fully appreciate the need to properly maintain an aquarium. There are three main functions to most common filters:

  • Mechanical filtration
  • Chemical filtration
  • Biological filtration

This article explains the mechanical filtration function.

Mechanical filtration usually appears in the form of a piece of foam or polyester floss. The sole function of this medium is to physically “catch” large particles of waste that are pulled into the filter. Rinse or replace the foam or polyester floss regularly, as this will remove a substantial amount of solid waste from the aquarium. Rinsing should generally be done every 2 to 4 weeks but, in some aquariums, may require more frequent attention.

In our next blog post, we’ll discuss chemical filtration.  For more tips and advice, Diamond Aquatics can answer your questions or guide you towards the right aquarium maintenance solution.