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Large Aquarium Considerations

You hear the phrase "Go Big or Go Home" a lot lately.  If you are thinking about a large-scale custom aquarium at your home or business, make sure to consider all the steps involved for setup and aquarium maintenance. Taking additional time to plan -- prior to buying and setting up your large tanks -- is worth it and will save you both money and frustration later.

If you do choose a large aquarium (over 90 gallons), make sure the floor area you are placing it on is properly supported. Remember, freshwater weighs approximately 8 lbs/gallon and salt water weighs approximately 8.5 lbs/gallon. In most new construction buildings (post-1960), this issue does not arise. In older buildings, placing the aquarium along a structurally supported wall usually ensures proper aquarium support. If you are unsure of the structural capacity of the flooring, do not assume it will work. Consult an engineer for a professional opinion.

There are many more things to take into consideration, such as tank or stand construction, power access, heating & cooling, overflows & leveling, and safety.  The professional aquarium experts at Diamond Aquatics can help recommend the best solution for you, as well as calculate the costs associated with it. Contact us today at 973-356-4434 or