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Don't Pay More than You Have to for Your Custom Aquarium

Some of the most common expenses custom aquarium hobbyists face can be avoided with some simple research before picking out and purchasing an aquarium and its accessories. Establishing your specific needs or wants and then researching the requirements for your ideal aquarium before you make a purchase will help you avoid unforeseen catastrophes and unneeded expenses. Picking the proper aquarium size and choosing the right filter equipment are integral parts of any new hobbyists decision to start an aquarium. Proper aquarium maintenance is also a crucial part of your aquatic pets’ health and will help save you money over time by reducing the number of animals you will purchase.

We have written the perfect guide to help you make the your decisions. Receive our complimentary guide for choosing the right aquarium setup the first time by emailing

Aquarium Maintenance, Custom Aquarium Design, General Information

Seahorses in Your Custom Aquarium

Seahorses are beautiful and intriguing creatures. Can you imagine keeping them in your custom aquarium?

As long as you have the proper saltwater aquarium setup, it is possible…but, very difficult. Aquarium maintenance for seahorses requires a lot more attention than other fish and marine life. These creatures are a favorite of Diamond Aquatics owner, Nick Diamond, so we’re sharing some fun facts with you. Read on…



  1. Seahorses are actually fish! They are predatory however they are poor swimmers. They are the slowest moving marine fish. Some only move 5 feet per hour.
  2. Even though seahorses are slow swimmers, these predators have one of the fastest strikes in the ocean.
  3. Did you know male seahorses are the ones who get pregnant? It’s true; a female seahorse deposits her eggs into the male’s pouch for fertilization by his sperm.
  4. Less than 1% of a seahorse’s eggs will survive to develop into maturity, that’s why a male seahorse could give birth to as many as 2,000 babies at a time.
  5. Seahorses can change color when they are stressed out; their skin changes color since they do not have scales.
  6. Seahorses can only curl their tails frontwards, not backwards. Sometimes they wrap it around things when they are sleeping so that they do not float away.

Keeping seahorses is a lot of work, however, we can help you find the best solution for your custom aquarium! Contact us today for more information.