Nick Diamond founded Diamond Aquatics LLC with the goal of crafting beautiful, custom aquarium installations with an emphasis on stability in the enclosed ecosystem. Throughout his entire career in the aquarium industry, Nick has remained focused on ensuring the survival of aquatic life in your aquarium as well as in the wild.

Our professional aquarium experts pride themselves on providing the highest in quality customer service. We are here to support you in any manner necessary to guarantee complete satisfaction with your Diamond Aquatics experience.

During the aquarium design process, we work closely with you to determine your needs and guide you through choosing the proper fish tank installation, equipment, and animals/plant life.

Aquarium installation should not be a disruption to your life, so we take every measure to ensure accurate and prompt completion.

Finally, because we believe that customer service does not end after a sale is complete, Diamond Aquatics will continue to provide aquarium maintenance and support to you for the lifetime of your installation.