Frameless Aquarium in Brazilian Rosewood
Built from the ground up, this aquarium is intended to house large, exotic fish. The "frameless" tank was built with optically clear glass, mounted in custom-built cabinetry and finished with a stunning Brazilian Rosewood veneer by Jim Campo of CUSTOMWOOD Inc.

To highlight the fish, simple decoration and over-built filtration is employed. A large wet/dry filter was used in conjunction with a 2,500 gallon/hour recirculating pump. Accessories included a 57-watt ultra-violet sterilizer, protein skimmer and a canister filter, which is used as a customizable media chamber.


Dining Room Reef Aquarium
Framed with a Myrtle Burl finished custom molding by Jim Campo of CUSTOMWOOD Inc., this 75-gallon reef aquarium installation creates a wonderfully peaceful dining experience.

The delicate reef environment required a complex filtration set-up utilizing a bubble-less sump, 900-gallon/hour recirculating pump, protein skimmer and calcium reactor. Two 14,500-kelvin/150-watt metal-halide lamps are accompanied by two 96-watt PowerCompact actinic lamps to create the effect of an exotic, sunlit reef.


Photo: Carsten Holler's Aquarium, 1996, as part of "Experience" at the New Museum. Image courtesy New Museum, New York. Photo: Benoit Pailley.

New Museum Aquarium Installation
German artist Carsten Höller designed this temporary installation for his exhibit in the New Museum of New York City. The clear aquarium is constructed from acrylic while the base and surrounding benches are comprised of molded PVC. The approximate volume is 400 gallons. 

The aquarium design was intended to allow museum guests an opportunity to lie down on the radiating benches and insert their heads into the corresponding notches in the aquarium. The effect is similar to lying on the bottom of a lake or river looking up while fish swim about above you.


Corner Built-in Aquarium
This exotic aquarium installation consists of two 54-gallon corner tanks and a custom façade designed and hand crafted by Jim Campo of CUSTOMWOOD Inc. The aquariums utilize a simple, yet effective, freshwater set-up with only two "hang-on-back" filters for each tank and natural stone decoration to create the look and feel of a natural spring.


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