Diamond Aquatics is top shelf! Very professional, meticulous, and friendly. Nick is a true reef guru. Being in the hobby for over 20 years he is the only person I go to for honest advice and trust around my tank and home. The technical experience is second to none! Simply the best around!
— Elias Kambourakis
Excellent service provided to the large salt water fish tanks in our pediatric facility! Designed the interior of the tanks so beautifully and maintained them for about 3 years. Extremely outgoing and responsive at all hours of the day. Very professional company, interacted with residents and staff members politely. Highly recommended!
— Danielle Clark
Nick is absolutely awesome to work with—he is professional, knowledgeable and answered every question that I asked of him. He has moved my aquariums twice now. I had a 25 gallon tank that needed to be moved from my office to my home and he did a great job! Last week, I had to have my 55 gallon aquarium moved as well. There was NO water on the flooring at all! Nick knows exactly needs to be done at all times. I would highly recommend Diamond Aquatics!
— Doug Pfister
My guy nick really helped me out with a new tank setup. Helped me out with everything I needed to get it setup, set it all up, and repeatedly checked back to make sure everything was running ok. It’s been a few years now and he’s still my go to if I have any questions or needs. Always takes care of you. Professional and friendly. Seems like a real down to earth guy.
— Keith Wick
Have been working with Nick for over 3 years....top notch service. Always there to help when needed. Courteous/thorough/professional. Great experience.
— Matt Leone
Nick installed our salt water tank and has been servicing it for years. Extremely professional, trust worthy, responsive, friendly and so easy to interact with. I highly recommend him...truly the best!!!
— Debbie Nagpal
We’ve worked with Nick for a number of years. He’s supportive, knowledgeable, reliable, tasteful, and always helpful. There’s nobody better in crisis that jeopardizes your entire tank (and we had a beauty).
— Orit Goldring
Diamond Aquatics has looked after our family of fish for many years. Nick is highly professional, has an amazing knowledge, and is lovely to interact with. We highly recommend this company!
— G G
Nick has provided me with years of service and amazing knowledge.. I have a planted tank, and he makes it everything that it could be and more!!! I love my tank!! Thank you nick
— Michelle Rojee
I had to move an aquarium from one floor of my home to another. Nick at Diamond Aquatics did a great job. He was on time, thorough, answered all my questions. He was very careful of my fragile corals. The entire aquarium was disassembled, moved and reassembled. With his professional touch you would never even know it had been moved. I would highly recommend Diamond Aquatics for anyone’s aquarium move or maintenance in the tri-state region. Thanks, Nick!!
— David Macfarlane